Hybrid Model

The diagram shows one of the concepts of this 64-bedroom home, The central portion of the building acts as a shared ‘street mall’ with facilities primarily serving the households, but also serving the residents of the surrounding community.

This concept illustrates the importance of helping the residents maintain as much independence as possible. Each household will be entirely self-contained with its own front door opening onto a managed semi-public ‘street’.

Covered terraces mean people can spend more time outdoors, regardless of the weather, and there’s even a barista bar which acts as an informal reception for residents and visitors.

There’s a health club, hair and beauty salon open to residents and the local community, as well as a first floor roof garden.

We believe that care facilities have an increasingly important role to play in an aging society where the provision of simple dementia friendly amenities and social hubs in residential areas will transform the current social crisis into a society made up of thriving communities with everything in place for families to live longer fulfilled lives in their own neighbourhoods.