16th September 2022

Net Zero care home

Harris Irwin Architects are undertaking an internal design competition, allowing new thinking and ideas to be presented in the drive towards our first ‘Net Zero’ care home.

net zero care home

It is no secret that we are currently battling a worldwide environmental crisis which needs to be tackled at many different levels by changes to thinking and our culture.

Harris Irwin Architects acknowledges this and in particular the harm that is proportioned to the construction industry. We are committed as a practice, working towards lowering emissions both in terms of our office procedures but more importantly in how we can design more sensitively and advise our respected clients in measures to mitigate carbon emissions.

The internal design competition consists of three teams from across our three offices competing against each to prepare an outline design project to not only deliver a functional care home but a home of outstanding environmental credentials.

The winning scheme will be developed further before being presented to a number of external consultants for finer tuning with the aim of presenting our findings as an exemplar model for future projects.

Watch this space for further updates as the designs begin taking shape….