Brockington House, Hereford

High quality nursing and dementia care home

This high quality nursing and dementia care home developed by Dormy Care Communities provides 70 en-suite bedrooms in a luxury environment including in-house gym, all-inclusive bar and spa bathroom.

Harris Irwin designed all the rooms to have a modern and luxurious feel, offering a private living space with care and support available at all times.

Type:Care Home
Client:Dormy Care Communities
Local Authority:Herefordshire County Council
Scale:40,041 sq ft
Status:Completed summer 2019

Located on the site of former council offices and surrounded by mature trees and residential dwellings we were able to develop a design for Brockington House which retained the sites existing character.

The design weaves around the large existing trees within the centre of the site creating an interesting form across the site. Through consultation with the local planning authority, it was possible to create a building which retains a residential scale appropriate to its use.

The flowing form, variation in eaves levels including dormers, together with low level canopies create a sense of individual identity to each room, which is enhanced by the external landscape and bespoke interior design.

Traditional materials and details allow the building to sit comfortably within the site and the area, nestled between the existing trees and landscape. Large lounges and communal rooms are positioned to take best advantage of the setting, while large amounts of glazing bring ample light into the building as well as providing panoramic views out.